MikroT Corp. (founded in 1993) is located at the Csillebérc Campus (www.kfki.hu) in Budapest, Hungary. The Campus is the greatest research and innovation basis for physics applications in Hungary involving four Research Institutes for physics belonging to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and more than 40 small private companies for R & D, manufacturing, trading etc.

The founders of MikroT are research engineers with more than 20 years activity on technologies for Microelectronics. They have got huge experience in photolithography, mask making, fine wet chemical etching, micro structuring, fine mechanics, electronic packaging both in R & D and manufacturing.

Besides the highly ranked technical capabilities, the great power of MikroT is its responsiveness for innovation, the strong process  & equipment development capability and the open mind for the special inquiries of the customers. MikroT has only a few standard products, the main activity of the company is focused to solve special tasks for our customers.

In recent years MikroT has manufactured near 2 million pieces of Constantan foil type custom designed strain gauges. More than 1.5 million pieces of rosette-bridges (350 ohms) were delivered for GE (Morrison, U.S.A.) used in transducers for automotive applications. Our another main customer for strain gauges is the Hungarian load cell manufacruring company KALIBER Corp. (www.kaliberusa.com).